Internet Of Things (IoT)

TXTSol offers comprehensive bespoke software solutions for IoT and Telecom industry.


Fast, secure and reliable cloud based solutions to cater for your day to day business needs. Our state of the art solutions include Incident Management, Product Cataloging, Inventory, Order Processing and Billing.We have extensive experience in business domain and are continuously researching to bring more value to our solutions. This means that your are all setup with our ready to use services.


As a leading IoT Application Development Organization, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable, personalized, new-age and box applications. Our team has extensive knowledge of technologies and the development of IoT-enabled apps. We pursue a patented agile process of development that includes the blueprint of the project from idea to delivery, culminating in the excellent deployment of cloud, smartphone and IoT technology.

  • IoT Software Architecture

    IoT applications require a solid architectural/design foundation because of their inherent complexity. TXTSol has IoT as an integral part of its strategy right from its inception, which places TXTSol way above the compitition when it comes to IoT solution design. We believe in IoT, we think IoT, we live IoT, we do IoT, because we know the future is IoT.

  • IoT Database Solutions

    For optimum scalability, we combine cloud-enabled storage structures that are sensitive to a fault and intelligently distributed. We are also operating with multiple databases operated by IoT.

  • Custom IoT Services

    We also provide custom IoT services, which include web services and API integration.

Some of the telecom operators we have experience with



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