OneB2B is a cloud based B2B enterprise IoT device/SIM management platform designed specifically for MNOs or MVNOs...

OneB2B - IoT Platform

OneB2B is an enterprise IoT/B2B web based scalable(cloud native) platform designed especially for IoT companies and all other types of business which has B2B business processes. OneB2B is state-of-the-art management platform that enables businesses to connect devices globally, control services, manage deployments, and increase efficacy.

It is a one stop solution for any IoT/B2B business to manage the customers, users, stocks (SIMs, IoT devices, data etc), do quick provisioning, monitor SIM connections, comprehensive billing and enterprise support and ticketing system.

OneB2B can be hosted on any cloud infrastructure, including a private data center. This type of deployment offers much greater control over the new features development, customization, and third-party integrations. It is also advocated for stringent data security and performance requirements.

Easy Customers Onboarding

  • OneB2B allows the MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and MVNOs(Mobile Virtual Network Operators) to manage their IoT/M2M customers and even resellers (e.g franchises)
  • It allows to create multiple type of customer organizations, their users and accounts
  • It allows every customer to have their independent access to OneB2B platform and can check their orders and SIMs usage details

Fine-Grained Security and Access Rights

  • An enterprise user and role management module enables any organization to manage the users multiple access rights
  • MNOs and Customers can manage their Users and Roles independently
  • The user data transmitted over web is encrypted with secure key
  • All the API calls are secured

Flexible Stock/Inventory Management

  • Managing the stock for SIMs, IoT devices and other user defined items
  • Stock keeping by SKU (Stock keeping unit)
  • Detailed reports on stock transition and availability
  • Easy export of stock data

SIM Connectivity and Provisioning

  • Bulk IoT SIMs status updates and easy management
  • SIMs price plan and packages management
  • SIMs connectivity and live status visualization
  • Quick provisioning and API integrations

See More Built-In Features

Online Orders Management and Fulfillment - OneB2B
Intelligent Threshold Monitoring Alerts and Actions - OneB2B
Streamline Customer Support and Ticketing - OneB2B
Reports and Data Analytics - OneB2B
Online Orders Management and Fulfillment
Users may place their orders online using their organization user accounts
Intelligent Threshold Monitoring Alerts and Actions
Customers may set different threshold and monitoring rules and define certain operations based on those defined rules
Streamline Customer Support and Ticketing
An enterprise 24/7 support system is developed for customers and MNOs to manage the daily faced issues and create their tickets to follow
Reports and Data Analytics
Plenty of reports available covering all areas of IoT platform

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